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2016 - Review and Resolutions

So guys, first things first - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Last year truly was an amazing one with some really big life changes and events - getting married to my husband after being together for five years and moving to Dubai and then back to London all in the space of 9 months. I had an amazing time in 2015 despite the stresses of planning our wedding from abroad and being separated from my then fiancé. The year really has been a rollercoaster ride full of changes - and I'm still adjusting.

I've NEVER written down New Year's resolutions. But I thought why not give it a go this year? I wouldn't say these are resolutions as such, but I've always been a firm believer that having goals is a great thing. Also, having them documented and posted in public domain - it may just give me that push to stick to them. So here they are:


1. Mindfulness - I've always been a worrier. Last year was full of worries - from getting married and all the paperwork, my legal status in the UK, finding a job and then subsequently leaving it 7 months later, moving countries (twice!) and re-doing our house, I've always had something big on my mind. The next hurdle is to now find a full time job! However, I'm hoping this year will be a lot less stress-free! It's all about looking forward with a positive outlook and being thankful. 

2. Working Girl - I hope to learn as many skills as possible with this blog. From photography, content writing, social media and new business to developing my name as a brand. I'm aiming to have at least one post per week. 

3. Get Organised - I have always been relatively organised, tidy and punctual. One thing I have really struggled with since moving back to Dubai is having a lack of routine. I'm going to learn to structure my days better so that I can definitely be more productive. 

4. Piggy Bank - Ever since I was a young girl, my dad emphasised the importance of saving. I have always saved money when I was working. I'm currently not earning an income, but as soon as that starts again I'm definitely putting a portion of it aside each month. It's great for those splurges that I  know we all have once in a while (sneaky little getaways!) as well as planning for the future. 

5. Read - I used to be able to finish a book within a day when I was young. Yes, I know that books were easier to read back because there weren't as many pages etc. but reading has always been something I've enjoyed. Especially when you get the right book in my hands. One book per month! I've already got a few lined up!

What are your highlights and dreams for 2016? 

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