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The Problem with Outfit Posts

So here's the thing about taking outfit photos. Taking them can be a complex, long-winded process. 

Alongside not feeling completely comfortable having my picture taken, as well as finding the right location, lens and light, it can be IMPOSSIBLE to find a photographer who is willing to take numerous shots until I say they're acceptable. Also, how awks is it when someone is there just taking photos of you when you're trying to look natural but you're posing at the same time? 

With all of these things to depend on, it's so easy to just sack it off and not do it. As you can see, I haven't taken any on my blog so far because I can be so self conscious. 

Therefore, I decided to invest in a £20 gadget that will allow me to take pictures in a way that removes the stress. Check out the HISY
Hisy Camera Remote

The Corporate Catwalk

If you follow me on Twitter, then you'll know that I FINALLY got a job and started it very recently! While I was working here in London a few years ago, I worked for a start up and I could wear relaxed clothing such as jeans and T-shirts and nothing would be said. With my new job, the dress code is slightly smarter and I have been mentally going through my existing wardrobe for what I can piece together for cute outfits. I have trawled all over Pinterest getting inspiration and have decided that every working wardrobe should have staples such as: a cropped black trouser, smart (comfortable) heels, a variety of tops, a pencil skirt and a dress appropriate for work.

I've put together a couple of my favourite high street staples:

Skinny Crop Trousers // Feathered Court Shoe // Silk Crepe Print Top // Animal Print Silk Blouse // Wrap Pencil Dress // Tie Wrap Midi Skirt

Diving In! The Best Bathing Suits I Could Find

So as some of you already know, my husband and I are going to Thailand next month for our honeymoon! FINALLY! I can't wait for some bloody sun and warm weather. February in London is SO depressing so I'm really looking forward to getting away. We're also stopping in Dubai enroute to Phuket for a few days so I'll get to see my family which is a massive bonus.

So...Seeing as we're going to a warm island that means that I obvs have to look for new swimwear. And I'm totally feeling the one-piece vibe. They're so chic, no? Here are my top picks - perhaps in the next few weeks you'll see me in one (or probably all) of them.
ASOS Belted Plunge Swimsuit // Nasty Gal Make A Slash Swimsuit // Nasty Gal Up To No Good Swimsuit // Colour Block One Piece Swimsuit

What I Got For Christmas

I know, I know! It's a bit late and I should have done this earlier. But I thought I would share what I got for Christmas. I wasn't going to write this blog post, but I have enjoyed reading peoples' 'what I got for Christmas' posts and I decided that I might as well write one too!

This year was different for me because it was my very first Christmas away from my parents and my sister (who I missed desperately during this holiday season). I'm not going to lie - it was quite hard. My parents make such a big deal out of presents - I guess it's because we're a pretty small family. And we do all the traditional stuff as well like having a big Christmas lunch on the day and having family and close friends round. This year it was very different because I spent this Christmas with my husband's family (first Christmas as a married couple - Woo!) and they do things quite differently although it was traditional at the same time. 

Farfalle with Peas, Broccoli and Bacon

I'm not going to lie about it. I love food. I literally sit and think about what my next meal is going to be all the time. And I enjoy cooking (as long as I'm not cooking for just myself). I tend to stick to meals that are easier to put together so you should see quite a few of them pop up on the blog every now and then.

This pasta dish couldn't be easier and it all comes together as quickly as it takes to boil the pasta! No joke, you can have your meal ready in literally 15 minutes. It's pretty much just tossing everything together and you're there!

2016 - Review and Resolutions

So guys, first things first - HAPPY NEW YEAR! Last year truly was an amazing one with some really big life changes and events - getting married to my husband after being together for five years and moving to Dubai and then back to London all in the space of 9 months. I had an amazing time in 2015 despite the stresses of planning our wedding from abroad and being separated from my then fiancé. The year really has been a rollercoaster ride full of changes - and I'm still adjusting.
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