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20 Random Facts About Me

1. My absolute favourite genre of music is hip hop. I've been listening to it for years! I find some of the lyrics absolutely hilarious and listen to hip hop pretty much all day every day.

2. ...I also have turned into a Belieber and have a major obsession with him at the moment.

3. If I were on death row and I could have the choice of one last meal it would be spaghetti bolognese. I just find that there's so little that could go wrong so it should always be somewhat satisfying!

4. I hardly drink alcohol. I really don't like the taste of it! There's only a handful of occasions a year where I will drink.

5. I am obsessed with anything coconut scented. I love the smell and it's one of my favourite fruits. Creams, shower gels, you name it - I always try the buy the coconut scented one.

6. I HATE it when people crack their knuckles. I hate the sound. That is one major pet peeve of mine. I literally yell at friends of mine whenever they do it.

7. I look in the mirror and don't always like what I see. I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing though. Do you look in the mirror and always like what you see?

8. And if I had the money, I would definitely change those things about myself that I don't like.

9. I am not a morning person. I don't really like early mornings. I am definitely more of a night owl.

10. Country music makes me cringe.

11. Some people have a favourite colour. However, I seem to go through periods of time when I am more attracted to a specific colour over others. Currently, I'm loving cerulean blue. I'm sure this will change soon though.

12. I absolutely love dogs. To the point that I think I prefer them to humans. I'm much happier being in a room with 10 dogs than 10 human beings. If I weren't married, I'd be that crazy dog lady.

13. If I could, I would wear heels everyday. I feel that I would look more dressed up. My lifestyle just doesn't allow it at the moment. And walking everywhere just means that it's uncomfortable to be in heels all the time. I really envy women that seem to be able to do it without any trouble.

14. I love cooking but can be really picky about food. There are just certain things I don't like. I don't eat eggs at all (it's fine if they're used to make a cake or in fried rice. I just don't eat eggs on their own in any way), bananas, bell peppers and avocados.

15. I wear contacts all the time and I'm desperate to get laser eye surgery. I long for the day that I wake up and I can see perfectly.

16. I am so insecure about singing out loud. My mum told me that I was tone deaf and shouldn't sing when I was younger and that has just put me off for life. Even my husband tells me that he's never heard me sing and we've been together for nearly 6 years.

17. I brush my teeth in the shower all the time. It just saves time!

18. My husband and I hardly recycle. I know it's bad and we probably should religiously but we're just lazy.

19. I'm 28 years old and I still have no idea what I would like to be or have as a career. Ideally, maintaining this blog and generating an income from it would be it - but I'm not sure how likely it is!

20. I thought I would be in a completely different place in my life from what I'm currently in. I thought I'd have the nice house and run a company that I had started and I couldn't be further away from that. And it's ok. I really don't mind. My life is still great even though it's not what I pictured it to be.
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